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5 Yoga Poses That Will Change Your Life

by brittney   ·  6 months ago   ·  

Yoga is very a very popular way to exercise. It is trending for a reason, it is awesome! I started Yoga about 4 days ago so what you are reading will be from a first-hand beginner. I needed a way to stay fit and be healthy, but I am NOT a runner. I also find no joy in work out machines. Trying to figure them out takes me more time than actually working out on them.

So,  I have compiled a list of 5 Yoga positions that have helped me as a beginner. The focus on breathing helps with the slight discomfort from stretching long forgotten muscles. I also enjoy the fact that after day one I did not feel like my muscles went through a medieval torture device. It is not about pushing your body, it is about the joy of the journey!

1. The Lotus

Of course, this pose is most associated with meditation. However, this yoga position is helpful in use at the beginning of a series of poses and at the end. Keep your breathing focused and deep. Only do this for about 1-2 minutes. Then take one more deep breath in and on the exhale move into your next position.

2. Child’s Pose

This position is also a great beginning and ending position. When using this position at the end of a series of positions, be sure to focus on your muscles. focus on how warm they feel and focus on your breath. When you feel like you are ready to get up, roll over to your side, and stand.

3. Warrior 2

Make sure that you keep your back leg straight on the mat while extending the front leg in this position. Focus on your breathing and balance. This position helps stretch the hamstrings for more advanced positions. Take a deep breath in when coming into the warrior 2 and a deep breath out once the arms are extended.

4. Downward Facing Dog

This position will work your hamstrings! If you are unable to keep your heels on the mat at first, it is okay! I can’t at this point either, just slowly lower your heels closer to the mat each time you are in this position. Focus on your breathing and be sure to not push your body farther than needed to advance in stretching.

5. The Tree Pose


When in this pose be sure not to rest your non-standing foot on your knee. Do not place it right above the knee either, this is so we do not add extra pressure on the joint. This pose can be done with your hands near your heart, or the hands can be placed above the head. The more this pose is practiced, the more balanced you will become. This pose has been known to help with headaches and insomnia.


We want to introduce more Yoga poses for you each month! Be sure to let us know what you think of the above positions. We want to hear from you and we appreciate any feedback you have! Plus, we think you will thank us when your muscles are not so sore you can’t move tomorrow! For more poses visit HERE.





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